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  • Top Food Searches on Google in 2016

    Harnoor Channi-Tiwary , December 30, 2016 13:13 IST

    The Food Trends Report of 2016 by Google analyses food searches in terms of volumes and removes seasonal effects, etc. Thus, the report is able to correctly identify food trends, basis their ...
  • 10 Vegetarian Recipes That Leave You Wanting More

    NDTV Food, December 29, 2016 15:01 IST

    Till a few years ago, if you flipped through the vegetarian section of a food menu, you were bound to be disappointed. It lacked creativity, spunk and imagination. Your options were restricted ...
  • 4 Effective Remedies To Cool Your Mouth After Eating Spicy Food

    Harnoor Channi-Tiwary , NDTV, December 29, 2016 14:02 IST

    Have you ever had a bite of something so spicy that it puts your mouth on fire? Here are 4 instant remedies to cool your mouth. You're welcome!
  • Top 10 Recipes of 2016: What Was India Cooking This Year?

    NDTV Food, December 29, 2016 12:04 IST

    These 10 brilliant recipes were 'Most Searched For' by our foodie friends. They have been ranked based on their popularity and each one of them comes with handy tips, techniques and more.
  • 10 Best Dinner Recipes for Two That Are Quick and Easy

    Plavaneeta Borah , December 28, 2016 13:25 IST

    Running out of ideas for dinner recipes for two? We have listed out 10 of our favourite dishes
  • Christmas Gifts: 10 Edible Treats To Make and Gift This Festive Season

    Plavaneeta Borah , NDTV, December 21, 2016 13:17 IST

    There's nothing like the joy of gifting, especially if it involves delicious treats, which make the experience sweeter. Presenting, edible gifts. These are easy to make and will bring a smile in ...
  • 10 Best Lobster Recipes

    Plavaneeta Borah , December 20, 2016 12:22 IST

    Here's presenting our 10 best lobster recipes, a prized ingredient among seafood. You can use them to make curries, stir-fries, stuffings, pastas, pizzas - you name it!
  • 10 Best Christmas Cookies Recipes

    NDTV Food, December 14, 2016 12:28 IST

    Looking for Christmas cookie recipes? We bring you 10 delightful ways to experiment with these sweet treats.
  • 10 Quick Christmas 2016 Dessert Recipes

    NDTV Food, December 14, 2016 12:25 IST

    We bring you our quickest and easiest Christmas dessert recipes that will give you more time to indulge in merry moments.
  • 7 Best Pastry Recipes

    NDTV Food, December 10, 2016 11:09 IST

    Here are our 7 best pastry recipes, from pineapple and black forest pastry to red velvet and chocolate truffle pastry. They are spoon-licking good, with a hint of nostalgia in each bite.
  • 5 Best Turnip (Shalgam) Recipes

    NDTV Food, December 08, 2016 13:30 IST

    Turnips are extremely easy to cook. Include them in salads, cook them into heart-warming soups, make a dip or simply curry them Indian style.
  • 5 Best Black Bean Recipes

    Plavaneeta Borah , December 07, 2016 14:56 IST

    Black bean, a cousin of the popular red kidney beans or rajma, can be used in a number of ways to dish our delicious treats. We present our 5 best black bean ...
  • 5 Best Places to Eat In Sydney

    Harnoor Channi-Tiwary , December 04, 2016 19:57 IST

    Any visit to the country demands a few days spent in the commercial capital - Sydney. Here are 5 food experiences you will thoroughly enjoy when visiting the city.
  • 10 Best Shrimp Recipes

    Plavaneeta Borah , December 02, 2016 12:54 IST

    Say seafood, and shrimps are probably the most popularly served ingredient on the table. We present our 10 best shrimp recipes to make your mealtime more exciting.
  • 7 Best Guacamole Recipes

    Aashna Ahuja , November 12, 2016 15:17 IST

    Here are our 7 best guacamole recipes, one more exciting than the other. Traditional Mexican guacamole recipes involve some combination of mashed avocado, chopped onion, a splash of lemon juice, salt and ...
  • 10 Best Indian Dessert Recipes

    NDTV Food, November 01, 2016 15:44 IST

    Here are our 10 best Indian dessert recipes. There is no denying the fact, that desserts give a befitting end to any meal! By and large Indian desserts use sugar, milk and ...
  • 10 Best Tikka Recipes

    NDTV Food, October 28, 2016 15:24 IST

    We've listed our 10 best tikka recipes from Indias top chefs.
  • How to Make Khoya at Home: 5 Delectable Desserts You Must Try

    Sparshita Saxena , October 22, 2016 11:37 IST

    Khoya is extensively used in making a wide variety of dishes across India as well as neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Here are some of our favourite Khoya ...
  • 8 Best Buffet Restaurants in Pune: Feast On

    Meher Mirza , October 21, 2016 13:51 IST

    Pune offers up some exceptional buffet options, and we've listed the 8 best buffet restaurants you have to try. They're great places to hit up when you're with a large group of ...
  • 6 Best Egg White Recipes

    NDTV Food, October 21, 2016 11:14 IST

    Egg whites are the main source of protein in an egg while the yolks are large made up of cholesterol, fat soluble vitamins and minerals. Egg whites contain no carbs and are ...