Celery Juice: From Weight Loss, Glowing Skin To Beautiful Hair, 5 Reasons To Have This Wonder Drink 

Sushmita Sengupta  |  Updated: March 16, 2019 11:55 IST

Celery Juice: From Weight Loss, Glowing Skin To Beautiful Hair, 5 Reasons To Have This Wonder Drink 

There must be something about celery that the world of health and fitness cannot seem to stop gushing about it. You have seen the crunchy stalks in salads, stir-fries, smoothies and juices and have loved it in every avatar. Celery juice has found tremendous fan following on social media too, and has  earned a global showstopper status. From Kim Kardashian to Jenna Dewan and Kyle Richards, everybody is making the most of its goodness. Celery is enriched with properties that can aid weight loss, lower blood pressure and also boost the health of your skin.  According to Indian athlete Mukul Nagpaul, "It is true that celery juice does boast of some miraculous benefits. It is effective in reducing inflammation, aiding weight loss, and enabling better digestion and liver function.It is also known to have protective effects against eczema and psoriasis too. But it is important for everybody to understand, celery juice alone is not enough to support health, you need to supplement it with a balanced diet. Blindly ruling out key nutrients may prove detrimental to your diet." 

Celery is plant from the parsley family. Almost all its parts from stalks, leaves to roots and seeds are used for a variety of healing purposes. Celery's succulent leaf stalks have been used in salads and cooked vegetables since time immemorial; celery juice is one of the latest obsessions among fitness enthusiasts, and here are all the reasons why it should interest you too.

Celery Juice Benefits

1. Powerhouse of Nutrients

Celery is a good source of fibre, B vitamins, potassium and blood circulation supporting coumarins

2. Facilitate Weight Loss

Celery mostly comprises water and fibre, both of which are crucial to support healthy weight management. The stalks are packed with water and have a super low calorie count too. In fact, celery is called a negative calorie food. It is believed that the calorie count of celery is so low that in digesting it you end up burning more calories. Celery juice helps promote the feeling of fullness, which prevents you from overeating. Celery juice also helps prevent bloating and works as an excellent laxative. 

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Celery mostly comprises water and fibre

3. Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Celery is a traditional remedy to manage high blood pressure. "Contains coumarins, which help lower blood pressure and aid water balance, and pthalides, anti-coagulants that reduce the risk of blood clots and stroke and lower stress hormone levels," notes the book, 'Healing Foods' by DK Publishing.

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4. Enliven Your Dull Skin

The crunchy stalk of celery is rich in silicon and vitamin K which helps boost health of skin, hair and nails. 

5. Remedy For Cold

According to the book, 'Healing Foods', celery juice combined with a little lemon juice may help treat feverish symptoms of cold and flu due to its high vitamin C content.


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