5 Smart Ways To Save Time In Kitchen

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Kitchen is the heart of every home & we get our everyday nutrition from there. It is important to work smartly in a kitchen to make the most of the time you spend there.

We have curated a list of some genius hacks that will not only help you save time in your kitchen, but will also help you do the job like a pro.

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1. Plan Your Meal 

It takes a lot of time to decide a menu. Hence, it is always better to plan your weekly meal ahead. This will help you know what to cook on a daily basis.   

2. Proper Kitchen Gadgets 

Cutting & chopping before cooking can be time-consuming. You can use smart kitchen tools like food processor & mixer-grinder to make your job easy. 

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3.  One-Pot Meal

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When you don't feel like cooking, one-pot meals come to your rescue. Stews, pulao etc are easy to make & also help you save time on cooking and cleaning up. 

Having leftover food is a common phenomenon in every household. So, store it properly and use it creatively to make something unique for your next meal.

4. Use Leftovers Creativley

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You can cook larger quantities of food at once and freeze the leftovers for future meals. This can save you cooking time and help you avoid eating out. 

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5. Batch Cooking  

What are you waiting for? Follow these quick tips and make your life easy and fuss-free. Happy cooking, everyone!   

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