5 Ways  To
Reduce Food Waste
And Save Money

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Food wastage is a major concern across the globe. While change on a mass level takes time, we can always start with reducing food waste at home. 

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1. Plan your meal

Planning your week will help you get the right kind of groceries and avoid buying extra food unnecessarily. This helps you save a lot as well. 

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2. Store food properly

How you store the grocery helps extend the shelf-life of your food. Understand the storage process of each of the ingredients and work accordingly. 

3. Always check label

Understand the terms 'use by', 'expiry date', and 'best before', and get your food ingredients accordingly. This will help keep your kitchen up-to-date.

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4. Don't throw leftovers

Leftover food is a common affair in almost every household. So, instead of throwing them, go creative and prepare delicious recipes for the next meal. 

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You can use the fruit and vegetable peels as compost for your kitchen garden. Instead of throwing them, make your plants healthier with natural fertilizer

5. DIY Fertilizer

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