6 Foods That May Make Your Face Puffy

By: Jigyasa Kakwani

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Eating certain foods can make your face look puffy, with causes ranging from dehydration to water retention. Here are 6 foods to avoid or consume mindfully to prevent facial bloating.

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1. Soy Sauce

Due to its sodium and gluten content, soy sauce can cause swelling in the body and face.

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2. Milk And Other Dairy Products

If you have difficulty digesting lactose, drinking milk or eating dairy products can cause facial bloating.

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3. Alcoholic Beverages

A 2019 study published in 'The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology' found that women who drank heavily were more likely to have puffiness under eyes.

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4. Processed Meats

High salt content, preservatives, and high-fat content in processed meat can make it difficult to digest, causing facial bloating.

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5. Sushi

'Sushi face' is a popular term for the puffy face people may observe after eating sushi as salt is present in sushi fish, rice and soy sauce.

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6. Fried And Processed Foods

Processed foods are high in salt and refined carbohydrates, which can cause facial bloating, according to Healthline.

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For tips to avoid bloating on the face

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