6 Foods To Fight Heatwave Naturally

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The climate change crisis is getting worse, and we are facing its wrath. Rising temperature and sudden heat waves are proof. Heat waves are happening across the world.

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Thankfully, there are many foods that we can eat to help keep our bodies cool and battle the heatwave easily. Here are 6 foods that could help fight heatwave naturally.

1. Curd

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Curd is not just good for your gut, but it can also soothe your tummy with its cooling effect. It may stabilize BP and is incredible for immunity, digestion, and skin.

2. Mint

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Mint (pudina) is a summer staple of India. You can use it in chutney, beverages, raita and more. It can elevate the flavour of any dish with its cool burst of freshness.

This cooling and hydrating vegetable is more than just 'that salad food'. Water is required to regulate our body temperature and transport essential nutrients.

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3. Cucumber

4. Nimbu Pani

Nimbu pani (or lemonade) is our go-to beverage for summer. Instead of sugar, add a dash of honey to this wonder beverage and enjoy its incredible range of health benefits.

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Cantaloupes, musk melons and watermelons are all filled with nutrients and water to keep you hydrated. They also keep your tummy cool, and your digestion in top shape.

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5. Melons

6. Coconut Water

This drink is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. It has cooling properties that help you beat the heat wave, naturally.

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