6 Tips To Store Fresh And Dried Herbs

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How To Store Fresh Herbs

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Herbs can stay fresh for more than 20 days if stored properly. Here are some of the best ways to store both fresh and dried herbs.

1. Wash With Cold Water

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Always wash herbs with cold water and dry them properly, to ensure there is no moisture that could lead to decay and reduce lifespan of the herbs.

Soft herbs like basil and mint should be sealed in airtight containers. Snip the stem's base, transfer to a jar with some water, seal the lid and refrigerate. 

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2. Airtight Seal

3. Use Paper Towel

Store the bundle in an airtight container or zip-lock plastic bags wrapped in a damp paper towel. It will keep the herbs moist enough so they don't dry out.

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The main culprits behind degradation of dried herbs are the same factors, so if you wish to increase their shelf life, follow these tips.

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How To Store Dried Herbs

1. Check For Moisture

Make sure herbs are devoid of moisture. A good way of checking is to rub these herbs between your fingers. If the herbs crumble easily, they have dried out.

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2. Use Dark Containers

Store these herbs in dark containers so that exposure to oxygen does not spoil them. Avoid plastic as it may leach chemicals in to your herbs.

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3. Keep Away From Sunlight

Keep these jars away from sunlight; instead store them in a dark and dry place. Sunlight may ruin the potency of the herbs.

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