7 Bizarre Foods That Shook Us In 2021

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Image Credit: Getty

2021 has been an eventful year in terms of bizarre foods. We saw an array of weird dishes and food combinations that we'd never heard of.

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 From Oreo Pakora to chocolate Maggi, here are 7 of the most bizarre food creations that got mixed reactions from users this year. 

1. Chocolate Chai

A tea stall in Kolkata was seen selling Chocolate Chai. They mixed chai with  chocolate syrup, candy and chocolate roll. It left internet in shock. 

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2. Oreo Pakora

Image: Instagram.com/@foodie_incarnate

An Ahmedabad stall was seen selling Oreo Pakoras. They dipped the Oreos in a besan batter, fried it and served it chilies - shocking the internet.

3. Fanta Maggi

A street side shop in Ghaziabad was seen preparing Maggi in Fanta. The shop used Fanta instead of water for boiling the maggi, along with other spices. 

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4. Popcorn Salad

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A viral video showed a lady making popcorn salad by mixing popcorn with mayonnaise, sour cream, mustard and sugar. Commenters called the dish a crime. 

5. Fish And Chips Pizza

Domino's Japan carried out an experiment, creating a unique pizza topped with the British favorite Fish and Chips. However, Twitter did not find it appealing.

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6. Chocolate And Strawberry Samosa

Industrialist Harsh Goenka shared a video of chocolate and strawberry samosa, filled with jam and dipped in chocolate and strawberry sauce. 

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7. Chocolate Maggi

Image Credit: Instagram.com/@chahat_anand

A Delhi-based food blogger prepared a chocolate Maggi by using crushed Oreos and chocolate syrup to cook it, leaving foodies confused. 

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