7 Desi Summer Drinks To Beat The Heat

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From sherbet, shikanji, milkshakes to smoothies, this weather is all about relishing cool, refreshing drinks. Here are some of our all-time desi favourites.

Aam Panna

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A refreshing summer drink, aam panna is prepared using mango pulp with cumin, jeera and mint leaves. It also helps prevent dehydration. 


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Jaljeera is made using coarsely powdered jeera, water and spices. It is also considered a great solution for digestion problems, especially during summers. 

Sattu Sharbat

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The ultimate summer cooler, Sattu sherbet is perfect for hot days. All you need is sattu, sugar, salt and water - mix together and enjoy!


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Also called buttermilk, this curd-based drink is an Indian favourite. Chaas includes mint leaves, salt and roasted jeera, and is a hit among kids too. 

Nariyal Paani

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A glass of coconut water is the perfect drink to beat summer blues. It has a mild sweet and fresh taste and also comprises electrolytes that prevent dehydration. 

Nimbu Paani

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A quick drink that is prepared with mint leaves, lemon, sugar, salt and water. You can also add cumin and black pepper to make it interesting. 

Sugarcane Juice

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An energy drink, it also helps build plasma and body fluids that counter dehydration. Adding mint leaves to it will only enhance the taste. 

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