7 Vital Nutrients
For Healthy Hair

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A balanced diet helps strengthen overall health and nourishes us and our hair from within. Here are 7 essential nutrients you must add to your hair care diet.

1. Vitamin A

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It helps our hair stay moisturised. Vitamin A also helps in hair growth. Foods that are rich in vitamin A include sweet potato, pumpkin etc.

B-vitamins carry oxygen and nutrients to your scalp, thus helping hair growth. Some of the most common Vit-B rich foods are whole grains, bananas, legumes etc.

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2. B-Vitamins

3. Vitamin C

It is needed to make collagen and helps prevent hair from ageing. The best source of vitamin C-rich food is citrus fruits such as oranges.

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Vitamin E helps prevent oxidative stress and boosts hair growth. Foods like almonds, spinach, pumpkin etc are rich in vitamin E.

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4. Vitamin E

5.  Iron

Did you know, deficiency of iron is a major cause of hair loss? Loading up on iron-rich foods like beans, peas and legumes is good for hair health. 

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6. Zinc

Including zinc-rich foods in your diet can help reduce dandruff and boost hair growth. Some of the most popular zinc-rich foods are legumes, nuts and seeds.

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7. Protein

Include a good amount of protein in your diet for healthy hair growth. Some of the most easily-available protein-rich foods are legumes, dairy products and eggs.

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