7 Essential Nutrients For Weight Loss

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With the right kind of diet, weight loss can become a hassle-free process. We bring you a list of essential nutrients that are critical for weight loss.

If you are fitness enthusiast, then you surely know the importance of protein in a heathy diet. It is one of the most essential nutrients that aid weight loss.

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1. Protein

2. Fibre

Good metabolism helps accelerate weight loss. This is why experts suggest adding a good amount of fibre in our weight loss diet to promote digestion and metabolism.

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3. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Our body requires the right amount of healthy fats to function well and also shed belly fat - omega-3 fatty acids is one such example.

4. Vitamin C

We need antioxidant-rich nutrients to flush out toxins and prevent our body from free radical damage. One such nutrient that is rich in antioxidants is vitamin C.

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5. Potassium

A study found that an increased intake of dietary potassium helped achieve a reduction in BMI, which might further aid weight loss.

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6. Iron

 Besides preventing iron deficiency, this nutrient also helps carry oxygen to our body cells and muscles, which in turn help the body burn fat.

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7. Zinc

As a study suggests, zinc supplementation, with a restricted calorie diet, can have a favourable effect on body weight and obesity.

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