7 Foods To Prevent Hair Fall

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Here are 7 nutrient-rich foods that may stop hair fall when consumed regularly. Include these foods for hair regrowth in your daily diet and see the difference. 

1. Spinach

 Iron deficiency is the main cause of hair fall. Spinach is not only iron-rich, it also contains sebum which acts as a natural conditioner for hair. 

Image Credit: Pixabay

Image Credit: Pixabay

2. Eggs And Dairy

Eggs have essential nutrients such as proteins, Vitamin B12, iron, zinc and Omega 6. Dairy products are also a great source of bioti that fight hair loss.

It is the only known nut that contains biotin, B vitamins, Vitamin E, plenty of protein and magnesium, all of which strengthen hair cuticles and nourish the scalp.

3. Walnuts

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4. Guava

Vitamin C prevents your hair from becoming brittle and fragile and guavas contain more Vitamic C than oranges! 

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5. Lentils

Lentils are loaded with protein, iron, zinc, and biotin which are all essential nutrients for your hair.

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Barley is rich in iron and copper that help in the production of red blood cells and make your hair follicles stronger.

6. Barley

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7. Chicken

Your hair is made up of protein, and so eating a diet rich in high-quality, naturally occurring protein can really help.

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