7 Healthy Indian Breakfast Recipes

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From upma to uttapam, idli to poha, parathas and more - there are so many healthy Indian recipes that can make your morning nutritious and fulfilling. 

1. Poha

Light, filling and simple, poha is one famous breakfast recipe that is eaten across India. And the best part is that it can be made in a number of ways.

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2. Upma

Made with protein-packed urad dal and semolina paired with crunchy veggies and curd, this recipe makes for a hearty morning meal.

A staple across Indian households, moong dal is widely used in a number of Indian recipe. One such delicacy is moong dal cheela.

3. Moong Dal Cheela

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4. Idli

Idli is light, nutritious and filling which is why it is a popular breakfast meal to kick-start the day. Pair idli with coconut chutney, sambar - and your meal is ready.

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5. Mix Veg Paratha

This vegetable paratha recipe balances nutrition and taste! Pair it up with dahi, chutney or achaar and enjoy the wholesome breakfast in no time.

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Uggani, also known as vaganni and buganni, and is one of the healthiest breakfasts. To make it, you need puffed rice, water, roasted gram dal and some tangy spices.

6. Uggani

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7. Methi Muthia

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A Gujarati delicacy, it is crumbly and soft and includes the goodness of fresh methi leaves, spices and besan. Start your day on a healthy note!

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