7 High-Protein Eggless Breakfast Ideas

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On a low-carb diet or just want to pack your mornings with a dose of protein? Try out these breakfast recipes for high-nutrition meals. PS: they're eggless!

1. Quinoa Poha

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Ditch the regular poha to enrich it with more proteins. Use quinoa and cook it with veggies, mustard and curry leaves. It is the perfect breakfast for weight loss.

Turn the ingredients into a smooth mix in a blender, cook the batter as pancakes with a dash of olive oil and serve it with honey or cottage cheese.

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2. Spinach Pancakes 

3. Chickpea Fritters

Get a dose of protein with a batter of blended chickpea, vegetables, ginger and herbs. Shallow fry the batter in olive oil for this nourishing breakfast. 

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A power-packed protein breakfast need not be a recipe from foreign lands. Here's our desi cheela that can get you going through the day with lots of energy. 

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4. Besan Ka Cheela

5. Oats Idli

Here's a twist to the regular idli with protein. Dry roast the oats and powder them. Add seasoning and make the batter with a good amount of curd. 

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6. Tofu Bhurji

For an eggless protein-rich breakfast, you can grate tofu (or paneer) and cook it with onions and tomatoes. Have it with roti or spread it inside your sandwich. 

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7. Apple Chia Smoothie

Make this smoothie with apple slices, yoghurt, chia seeds and peanut butter and blend them all well. Serve it chilled to give your day a head-start.

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