7 Monsoon-Special Street Foods

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Are you craving something hot and spicy in this cool and breezy monsoon? If yes, then we've got you covered with this list of snacks that you can easily make at home.

What better to start this list than pakodas? Chai, pakodas and monsoon go hand-in-hand and it feels like a match made in heaven. 

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1. Pakoda

2. Aloo Chana Chaat

A beautiful combination of aloo chaat and chana chaat put together, this is a rather healthier street food that you can try making at home. 

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3. Kachori

Kachori is a quintessential Indian snack, no matter which season we are in. It is one of the first things that we pack as soon as we reach our favourite street shop.

4. Bhutta

The smoky aroma of the roasted bhutta is what makes you stop and buy these from a street vendor every monsoon. 

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5. Momos

When we say momos are the true monsoon food, we are not kidding. They are steaming hot, paired with a fiery chutney, and come with a bowl of flavourful soup.

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6. Bread Pakoda

Bread pakodas have become one of our go-to snacks when we are out, and a perfect accompaniment for tea at home too.

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7. Ram Ladoo

We cannot imagine completing this list without one of the most-loved street food snacks, which is also easy to make - moong dal pakoda/ram ladoo. 

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