7 Quick North Indian Vegetarian Recipes 

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Rushing to work or have unexpected guests at home and need to toss something quickly? These 6 vegetarian recipes will definitely come handy! 

Butter Paneer 

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Soft paneer chunks bathed in delicious tomato-onion gravy and laced with butter, milk and cashew nut paste - this quick butter paneer recipe is soul-satisfying. 

Dahi Aloo

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A quick and easy fix for your aloo cravings. In this recipe, potatoes are cooked in a pool of spices and mixed with curd, lending a refreshing touch to the dish

 Aloo Tamatar Ki Kadhi

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Simple yet satisfying, the jhol has marinated aloo along with paneer tossed in rich tomato gravy. 

Palak Pakoda

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A perfect one when craving something spicy and quick, palak pakodas can be paired with mint chutney for a great snack.   

Matar Pulao 

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A popular rice dish, it has mushy peas tossed with flavourful spices and rice. You can top matar pulao with pickles, chutneys or curd. 

Kulle Ki Chaat

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'Kulle' translate to cups that are scooped out of fruits or boiled potatoes, and stuffed with chickpeas, spices, lemon and fruits.

Khatti Meethi Dal 

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Give your traditional dal a spin with tamarind pulp, pav bhaji masala and a spicy tadka that will instantly amp up a regular yellow dal. 

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