7 South Indian Breakfasts Ready In 15 Minutes

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We just love to indulge in hot idlis, dosas, uttapams and other South Indian delights. Here are 7 South Indian breakfast recipes that can be rustled up in 15 minutes.

1. Green Pea Upma

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Usually cooked with semolina and veggies, upma is a heavenly South Indian recipe. The green peas add a healthy punch to the first meal of your day.

2. Murmure Appe

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Traditionally, appe is made with fermented rice batter. But since that could take a lot of time, here's a quicker alternative - murmure or puffed rice appe.

To make idli, use semolina or Sooji for a quick replacement of the usual fermented batter and serve with a bowl of hot steaming sambar. You'll certainly love it!

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3. Sooji Idli

4. Oats Uttapam

Who doesn't like a healthy breakfast? This could be your go-to option. Oats Uttapam is a quick recipe that provides you with protein and fiber.

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To make Medu Vada in 15 minutes, mix mashed potatoes, and bread pieces along with spices. Make small roundels, fry them and you are good to go.

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5. Medu Vada

6. Rice Flour Dosa

This instant rice flour dosa recipe can be made in a few minutes and could be a quick fix for your breakfast. 

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You can make this delightful dosa in just 10 minutes. Made with Poha or flattened rice instead of the usual batter, it is a hit with all age groups.

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7. Poha Dosa

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