7 Winter-Special Veg Dinner Recipes 

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The nip in the air intensifies our craving for all things warm and seasonal. Luckily, the season  offers many exciting options. Here are eight veg dinner recipes we love! 

 Kashmiri Palak Saag

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Fresh spinach leaves are cooked Kashmiri-style with cardamom, chillies and mustard oil. Pair with hot rotis and slurp.


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Been waiting for peas all this year? This is your time to go all out. This sweet and spicy treat made with green peas, ginger, garlic, turmeric, and desi ghee, is a winner.

Methi Chaman

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This sumptuous mix of creamy cottage cheese and methi leaves is flavoured with hot spices like cloves, cardamom and cinnamon. An absolute must-try.


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A medley of vegetables like brinjal, beans, yam, potatoes and raw bananas come together to make this Gujarati blockbuster recipe. Don't miss it.

Sweet Potato And Quinoa Bowl

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The goodness of sweet potatoes, quinoa, coconut flakes and nuts in this stellar one-pot dish can turn all of us into dieters.

Spinach And Feta Crepes

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Crepes filled with the heartwarming mixture of spinach and feta cheese make for an ideal winter dinner.

Gajar Methi

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Carrots and more carrots - this is our motto for winters. Bursting with the fresh and rustic flavours, this simple dish will win your heart.

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