7 Vrat-Friendly Recipes For Chaitra Navratri 2022

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A nine-day festival, Chaitra Navratri is starting on 2nd April, 2022. Here's a list of 7 vrat-friendly recipes you must try this Navratri.

1. Shakarkandi Chaat

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Sweet potato is an excellent source of nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and fiber which help keep our energy levels high during Navratri.

2. Sabudana Vada

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Crispy, soft and healthy, these vrat-friendly vadas are perfect for breakfast. Replace your regular salt with rock salt and you can have a vrat-friendly meal.

Aloo is the most common ingredient across India. This vrat-friendly aloo, made with rock salt without onion and garlic is an ideal lunch!

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3. Vratwale Aloo

4. Kuttu Atta Puri

Pair your aloo sabzi with these crispy puris made with kuttu! Kuttu doesn't come from whole grains and is, thus, allowed in Navratri.

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Light, soft and spongy dhoklas are a weakness! These vrat-friendly dhoklas, made with samak ke chawal, are here to take your vrat meals a notch higher.

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5. Vrat Wala Dhokla

6. Paneer Rolls

Made with sendha namak and a handful of spices along with high-protein paneer, these rolls are a perfect snack.

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Potato pakoras made with Singhare ka Atta, deep-fried and simmered into a yummy yogurt-based gravy is something we just cannot resist.

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7. Aloo Ki Kadhi

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