1 tsp Butter

Salt as per taste

2 tbsp Mayonnaise

2 tbsp Green Chutney


½ cup Paneer, grated

½ cup Carrot, grated

3 slices Bread

Take grated carrot in a bowl. Add mayonnaise and salt. Mix well.

Step 1

Next, take grated paneer in a bowl. Add salt and green chutney. Mix well.

Step 2

Cut out the sides of the breads and spread butter.

Step 3

Add the paneer mixture and spread it evenly. Cover with the second bread slice.

Step 4

Spread the carrot mixture on top of the second slice and cover with another layer of bread.

Step 5

Now, cut it into half. Your Tri-colour sandwich is ready. Serve fresh!

Step 6

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