Amla plays a role in enhancing immunity and regulating cholesterol levels. One of the most common forms of consuming amla is having it as murabba. 

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250 gm Amla

Cardamom Powder - a pinch

1 cup Sugar

First, steam the amla till it becomes soft. You can use a steamer for this process.

Step 1

Now, heat a pan. Add the softened amla and cover it with sugar.

Step 2

Mix the two well. Cover the pan and let the sugar melt completely. Keep the heat on low to prevent sugar from burning.

Step 3

Once the sugar melts and starts bubbling, add cardamom powder.

Step 4

Gently stir the Amla again. Let it soak in the sugar-cardamom syrup thoroughly.

Step 5

Your Amla Murabba is ready! Remove from heat and transfer it to a bowl. Relish it for up to 2 days.

Step 6

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