Red Carpet Moments: NDTV Food
 Awards 2024

By: Neha Grover

1. Chef Shipra Khanna

Shipra Khanna is a famous chef, cookbook author, and TV personality. She was a part of the NDTV Food Awards 2024 as one of the panellists.

2. Chef Vineet Bhatia

Chef Vineet Bhatia, chef, restaurateur, author, and media personality, graced the NDTV Food Awards 2024 with his wife, Rashima Bhatia. He was also a member of the jury.

3. Chef Ananya Banerjee

Chef, author, and food show host Ananya Banerjee contributed to NDTV Food Awards 2024 as a jury member.

4. Chef Manjit Gill And Shubham Bhatnagar

Chef Manjit Gill meets NDTV Food Editor Shubham Bhatnagar. Chef Manjit Gill was also a part of the jury.

5. Rinku Madan

Food and luxury writer Rinku Madan contributed to the selection of NDTV Food Awards 2024 winners as one of the directors.

6. Yangdup Lama

Yangdup Lama, a renowned bartender and co-owner of Sidecar, Delhi, was felicitated for 'Excellence In the Beverage Industry'.

7. Karen Anand

Food journalist Karen Anand attended the event as one of the panellists to share her insight on "Food And Culture".

8. Chef Shubham Thakur

Chef Shubham Thakur received the NDTV Food Award for being the 'Rising Star Chef Of The Year'.

9. Zorawar Kalra

Zorawar Kalra was accorded the 'Best Restaurateur Of The Year' award at the event. He accepted the award along with his wife.

10. Nitin Dixit

Nitin Dixit, co-owner of Greenr Cafe, was one of the panellists and shared his thoughts on 'The Vision of a Circular Food System'.

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