Viral Bizarre Food Combos Of Year 2020

Image Credit: Getty Images

Image Credit: Getty Images

Year 2020 can be chronicled as 'the year of bizarre food combinations'. Social media users came up with some strange food combos that went viral and left us shocked.

Chocolate Maggi

Image Credit: Twitter/rahulpassi

This post combined the much-loved instant noodles with a bar of chocolate, and it did not go down well with all of us.

Nutella Biryani

Image Credit: Facebook/@ZabihaHalalFun

There are many variations of biryani and we love them all. But this one had our head spinning!

Chocolate Fried Chicken

Image Credit: Twitter/@RTthehoostar

A Twitter video showing chicken being dipped in chocolate before being fried appalled the Twitterati.

Pasta Pani Puri

Image Credit: Twitter/@KarnVipul48

This Italian-Indian street food took us by surprise. We just can't imagine how it would taste like!

Kiwi Pizza

Image Credit: Twitter/@Ranba_Ral

If pineapple on pizza was too much for you, this kiwi pizza will really test your patience.

 Ice Cream Dosa

Image Credit: Twitter/@anandmahindra

Businessman Anand Mahindra shared the post on his Twitter handle, giving the stall-owner 'full marks' for innovation.

Gulab Jamun Pancake

Image Credit: Twitter/manwinder98

A food blogger made pancakes with a readymade gulab jamun mixture and paired it with a sweet chashni instead of maple syrup!

Curd Maggi

Image Credit: Twitter/@acnymph

When a Twitter user shared a picture of soupy instant noodles smeared in curd, it turned out to be a bit too much for the internet.

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