¼ cup Mango Puree

1 tsp Sugar (optional)

¼ tsp Salt

¼ cup Curd

Pour mango puree and curd in a grinder jar.

Step 1

Now, add salt and sugar to the jar. You can also skip sugar if the mango is too sweet.

Step 2

Blend once to make smooth lassi.

Step 3

Pour the prepared lassi into the popsicle mould. Leave a small gap at the top. You can also add mango chunks to the popsicle mix.

Step 4

Close the lid and freeze the Mango lassi popsicles overnight.

Step 5

Carefully, take out the popsicle from the mould.

Step 6

Your Mango lassi popsicles are ready! Serve them chilled.

Step 7

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