Neer Dosa is a breakfast delicacy in Mangalorean cuisine. The word 'Neer' means water. Unlike usual recipes, this light-as-air Neer Dosa is made without the need for fermentation.


1 cup Rice, soaked

1/2 tsp Salt

1/2 cup Desiccated Coconut

Take soaked rice in a bowl. Add desiccated coconut and grind with some water to make a smooth and fine paste.

Step 1

Add salt to this paste and mix.

Step 2

Now, add about 4-5 cups water to make a batter that is runny in consistency.

Step 3

Heat a non-stick pan and pour enough batter to cover the pan. Turn the pan around quickly so that its entire bottom is covered without any holes or gaps. 

Step 4

When the edges start lifting, drip a few drops of oil on the side and gently take the dosa out of the pan.

Step 5

Serve with any chutney or gravy of your choice.

Step 6

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