5 Foods From Sheldon Cooper's Menu

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Calling all 'The Big Bang Theory' fans! If you love rewatching the show, grab one of these Sheldon Cooper-approved foods to make the best of your experience.

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Sheldon has a fixed order of what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for every day of the week. We have singled out 5 foods he approves of.

Image Credit: Instagram/ bigbangtheory

1. Pizza

Thursday nights are pizza nights. Pizza is Sheldon's favourite shape of food - "a circle made of triangles served in a square box."

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2. Spaghetti With Hot Dogs Cut Up in It

This recipe by Sheldon's mother is one of his favourite dishes. This dish features in both 'Young Sheldon' and 'The Big Bang Theory'.

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3. Tea

Sheldon does not drink coffee or energy drinks but is a big fan of tea - a warm, comforting beverage he offers to anyone upset.

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4. Tangerine Chicken

Sheldon likes to eat Tangerine Chicken from the Szechuan Palace. He learns Mandarin to confront them when he thinks they are serving Orange Chicken instead.

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5. Kadhai Paneer

Sheldon likes eating Indian cuisine, one of his favourite dishes being Kadhai Paneer. He enjoys this aromatic curry when he is eating by himself.

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