5 Foods You Must Avoid For A Good Night Sleep

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We all know sleep is the ultimate recharge for our brain and body. But did you know what you eat can mess with it? Certain foods may make it difficult for you to sleep at night. 

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1. Tomatoes

They contain tyramine that helps stimulate brain activity, keeping you awake. Besides, tomatoes are acidic, which might increase the chances of indigestion.

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2. White Bread

It contains refined carbs and has a high glycemic index. According to studies, this could be linked to a higher risk of insomnia. 

3. Spicy Food

Spicy food is known to increase body temperature, which can negatively affect sleep. It might also cause acid reflux, leading to sleepless nights.

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4. Ice Cream

It is high in fats and sugar, both of which can hamper your sleep quality. Besides, it also affects insulin levels, which may lead to disturbed sleep. 

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Chocolates may contain tyrosine, which is known to keep you alert. Dark chocolate contains theobromine that might increase heart rate, affecting your sleep. 

5. Chocolate

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