5 Tips To Make
Perfect Tiramisu

By: Vaishali Kapila

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Tiramisu has emerged as a beloved favourite for many in recent years. Master the art of making this Italian dessert at home with our easy tips and hacks.

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1. Use Good Biscuits

Traditionally, tiramisu is made using ladyfinger biscuits, but you can also use other types with a thinner texture; just make sure they are of high quality.

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2. Use Room-Temperature Eggs

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Always use room-temperature eggs when making tiramisu. If you use cold eggs, they can ruin its texture and not give you the desired results.

3. Whisk The Cream Well

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Tiramisu is prepared using heavy cream and mascarpone. Both of these need to be whisked well to achieve that perfectly smooth texture.

4. Ditch Instant Coffee

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Instant coffee powder won't provide the rich flavour you desire in tiramisu. Instead, use strong espresso and a splash of coffee liqueur. 

It would be best if you soak the biscuits in a mix of coffee and alcohol before topping them with cheese. This gives them a richer flavour.

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5. Soak The Biscuits Well

For the perfect tiramisu recipe

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