6 Less-Known Health Benefits Of Egg Whites

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Since eggs are said to contribute to increased cholesterol level found in the egg yolk, most people opt for only egg whites.

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Eating only egg whites instead of whole eggs may lower the amount of calories, fat and saturated fats you consume. Here are some benefits the much-neglected egg whites have.

Once the egg yolk is removed, the egg is left with no cholesterol. Anyone who has high cholesterol levels can eat egg whites for a healthier heart.

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1. Cholesterol-Free

2. Rich In Protein

Egg white has a good quantity of quality protein that is beneficial for the body. It helps build muscles and also cuts down on cravings and hunger pangs.

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3. Contains Essential Vitamins

Egg whites contain riboflavin, or vitamin B2, that is necessary for preventing various conditions like mascular degeneration, cataract and migraine.

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If you are looking to lose weight, make sure you opt for egg whites rather than the whole egg. It has fewer calories than the yolk.

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4. Low-Calorie Food

5. Maintains Blood Pressure

According to research by the American Chemical Society, egg white has a peptide called RVPSL - a kind of protein that may reduce blood pressure.

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6. Lowers Risk Of Heart Disease

The potassium content in egg white can avert heart diseases. It promotes vasodilation that allows smooth blood flow and prevents clogging.

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