6 Yellow Foods For Basant Panchami 2024

By: Jigyasa Kakwani

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Welcoming Spring!

This year, Basant Panchami is being celebrated on February 14, 2024. The joyous festival is associated with the vibrant colour yellow.

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Yellow foods to eat

Here are some delicious yellow foods that are traditionally enjoyed on Basant Panchami.

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1. Meethe (sweet) Chawal

This is one of the key dishes of Basant Panchami. You can add saffron to add that yellow colour and garnish with dry fruits and silver leaves.

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2. Puri

Another delicious food item of yellow shade to add to your Basant Panchami plate is fried puris.

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3. Rasmalai

Delight your taste buds with the delicious yellow dessert - Rasmalai. Serve chilled to get the best flavour.

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4. Chana Masala

Pair your puris with chana masala gravy, another popular dish prepared on Basant Panchami.

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5. Jalebi

Serve hot and fresh yellow and orange-coloured jalebis for an unforgettable Basant Panchami meal.

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6. Kadhi Pakoda

This delicious yellow gravy is enjoyed by many on Basant Panchami. You can pair it with rice.

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