7 Best Dal Recipes
From All Over India

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When we think of comfort food, one of our most loved preparations is the quintessential dal. Here're the 7 best dal recipes from all over India that you can easily cook at home. 

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1. Dhaba Dal

This authentic highway-style dal is a must-have on your palate. Urad dal is cooked hot in a mélange of spices, butter and a spattering tadka!

2. Chironji Ki Dal

A hit during the fasting days, this chironji dal is simple yet impressive. It combines chironji with rich Indian flavours. Give it a try!

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3. Gujarati Dal

This one comes with a distinct blend of masalas, along with sweet and tangy toor dal made in a delicious Gujarati style with potatoes and peanuts.

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Chana dal served with the aroma of mustard along with a whole red chilli tempering. Pair with rice or chapati and savour the spicy, tangy dal.

4. Bengali-Style Tadka Dal 

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5. Panchratna Dal

Here's to the power of five! Moong, channa, masoor, urad and tuar or arhar come together to sear and simmer in a host of spices for a rich, creamy dish.

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6. Dal Makhni

Dal Makhani is the absolute favorite recipe that can easily be cooked to perfection at home. It is made with urad dal cooked in masalas, tomato puree and cream. 

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7. Sindhi Tidli Dal

This sindhi dal is made with three dals - chana, urad, and green chilka dal. It is then enhanced by a tadka made with ghee, hing, garlic and cumin seeds.

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