7 Best Dishes You Can Cook In Microwave

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Microwave cooking is one of the simplest ways to cook practically any dish. We bring to you some of the quick recipes that can be easily made in a microwave.

Baked Potatoes

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Who says you need an oven to bake? Simply poke holes in a potato, put some water in the bowl and hit start on your microwave to make this delicious recipe.

Steamed Vegetables

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Just chop up your favourite vegetables and immerse them halfway through in water to make this unique dish.


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The all-time favourite dessert, which is loved by everyone, can be easily whipped up in a mug, and baked in a microwave. 


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Oatmeal is one delicious and healthy breakfast dish that many people swear by. Next time, try making your favourite bowl of oats in microwave!

Poached Egg

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The versatility of egg is known to all, as it can be made in many ways. Poached egg is possibly one of the easiest dishes you can make in a microwave. 


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S'mores can be made equally well in a microwave. Simply use the appliance to melt your marshmallows and then prepare them the usual way. 

Parmesan Sauce

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Next time you're making a pasta sauce, try this parmesan sauce. Microwave parmesan cheese, garlic and milk together and pair it with the pasta of your choice! 

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