7 Bollywood Celebrities Who Turned Vegan

Image Credit: Unsplash

Image Credit: Unsplash

Bollywood celebrities are not far behind when it comes to advocating for the planet and a healthy lifestyle. Many actors have turned vegan in their bid to do the same. 

Image Credit: Unsplash

Veganism means abstaining from the use of animal products in your diet. Here are 7 Bollywood celebrities that took the plunge of turning vegan in the recent years. 

1. Shilpa Shetty

Image: Instagram.com/@theshilpashetty

One of fittest celebrities, Shilpa Shetty decided to go fully vegan in 2020. She has since been advocating the vegan lifestyle on social media. 

2. Anushka Sharma

Both Anushka and Virat have been following the vegan diet for quite some time. The couple can be seen enjoying yummy vegan food even on vacation. 

Image: Instagram.com/@anushkasharma

3. Mira Kapoor

It is no secret that Shahid Kapoor has been a vegetarian for over a decade. His wife, Mira Kapoor, too is a strong advocate of the vegan lifestyle. 

Image: Instagram.com/@mira.kapoor

4. Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor revealed that she turned vegan in an interview in 2019. She also mentioned that she was trying to make the switch to almond milk. 

Image: Instagram.com/@shraddhakapoor

5. Rakulpreet Singh

The actor decided to turn vegan in 2020, and hasn't looked back. She inspires her followers with her regular vegan food updates on social media. 

Image: Instagram.com/@rakulpreet

6. Genelia D'Souza

Image: Instagram.com/@geneliad

Both Genelia and husband Ritesh Deshmukh decided to turn vegan years ago. The couple has been encouraging people to try plant-based meat alternatives. 

7. Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Samantha was all for the vegan diet in the lockdown. The actor grows her own veggies and also made almond milk to support veganism.

Image: Instagram.com/@samantharuthprabhuoffl

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