7 Indian Summer Immunity Boosting Drinks

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Here are some regional Indian drinks made with seasonal fruits, veggies or herbs that are loaded with antioxidants. These can beat the heat and boost immunity too.

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The drink packs in the goodness of mint and the joys of lassi. All you have to do is put curd in a container with some sugar, dried mint and mix it up.


Mint Lassi

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Take kokum, fig, cumin seed powder and black salt in a jar and blend it well. You can add a few tablespoons of this into a tall glass with chilled water.


Kokum Fig Sherbet

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This drink will bless you with a healthy gut. It comes with a good dose of vitamin C and can be prepared in just five minutes. 


Papaya Juice With Halim Seeds

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Sandalwood is a naturally cooling ingredient with anti-microbial properties. Sandalwood Iced Tea is a perfect way to combat the summer heat.


Sandalwood Iced Tea

Wood apple or bael (bela in Odia) is a fruit grown all over India. High in fibre and rich in Vitamin C, it is said to aid digestion.


Bela Pana

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Sarasaparilla is a cooling herb. Also known as nannari or anantamul, the roots of this herb are used to make syrup for the slush.


Nannari Slush

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Tangy and bursting with flavours, this is undeniable every summer season. It keeps you cool and boosts your immunity as well.


Aam Panna

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