7 Best North Indian Breakfast Recipes

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We bring you our 7 best North Indian breakfast recipes, from chole bhature to butter laden aloo parathas, moong dal cheela to crispy kachoris.

Cooked with onions and potatoes and flavoured with lemon and curry leaves, it's so light and perfect for when you don't feel like cooking.

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1. Poha

2. Chole Bhature

Straight from a Punjabi kitchen - Chole Bhature! Cooked with rustic spices, lap up the lip-smacking chole with feather light bhaturas.

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3. Paneer Toasty

In need of an incredibly quick breakfast? Here's paneer toasty to the rescue! Fill the cottage cheese mixture between two slices of bread, toast it and voila!

4. Channa Kulcha

So easy, and yet so maseladaar – Channa Kulcha is always a hit at the breakfast table! 

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5. Masala Omelette

Save time and take temptation out of the equation by cooking up a hot and spicy combination of eggs, onions, tomatoes and flavourful spices.

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6. Dal Bhari Poori

Let's face it, we all love poori. No auspicious day in North India can be complete without the frying of the bread in a kadai full of hot ghee or oil. 

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7. Jalebi

A favourite North Indian sweet, Jalebi has a huge fan following from kids to adults. It is fondly eaten in breakfast and post-dinner dessert in Uttar Pradesh. 

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