7 Probiotic Drinks for Good Gut Health

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Image Credit: Unsplash

Probiotic drinks are the ultimate gut-friendly food that may also help build immunity and keep diseases at bay. Here are 6 probiotic drinks that may help build good gut health.

1. Lassi

Yogurt is another great ingredient that is considered a healthy and natural probiotic. Blend it with water and sugar to make this delightful drink.

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2. Chaach

Buttermilk, or chaach, is a highly recommended drink for overall good health. It has a number of cooling and digestive properties.

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3.  Gajar Ki Kanji

Look no further than Kanji for a fermented drink loaded with good bacteria. Carrots are packed with fibre that aids digestion, weight management and heart.

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Water Kefir is a vegan, dairy-free and probiotic drink. It is prepared by using water and kefir grains, left to ferment over a couple of days 

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4. Water Kefir

5. Kombucha

The 'super drink' had taken the health industry by storm when it first came out. It's delicious, satiating and extremely beneficial for the gut health. 

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6. Beetroot Kanji

This beetroot kanji is naturally fermented to get a unique sour flavour that is healthy for the gut and immunity too.

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7. Apple Cider Vinegar Tea

This sweet apple cider vinegar tea comes loaded with good probiotics that strengthen the gut from within, and of course, the immune system too.

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