7 Quick And Easy Dinner Recipes

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Here's a list of quick and easy dinner recipes that can be prepared in 20 minutes or less. They range across different cuisines, vegetarian and non-vegetarian, mild or spicy. 

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1. Egg Bhurji

Scrambled egg is cooked with caramelized onions, turmeric and chilli powder and finished off with a sprinkle of chaat masala.

2. Rava Fried Fish

Unlike regular fish fry, this Goan version is fried in a semolina batter. It's laced in chilli powder, salt, tamarind, turmeric, garlic and fried golden brown.

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3. Curry Pasta

This yummy curry pasta is the real deal. Boiled pasta is cooked in a decadent puree of tomatoes and meat masala and served in 20 minutes.

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Indulge in crispy scrumptious chicken served in a lettuce cup or on tortilla chips. And add a tangy twist to it with some fresh salsa dip.

4. Guilt-Free Chicken Tacos

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5.  Chicken Sausages With Eggs

A simple lip smacking plate of scrambled eggs and fried chicken sausages drizzled with olive oil. 

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6. Vegetable Fried Rice

Slow cooked rice with layers of vegetables and a variety of masalas. A beautiful melange that is sure to win many hearts at the dinner table.

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7. Basil Chicken

This fabulous minced chicken is cooked with oyster sauce, soya sauce, basil and seasoned lightly for beautiful flavors.

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