7 Egg Recipes Ready In 15 Minutes

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Eggs are nutritious, healthy and versatile. Here we bring you some yummy egg breakfast recipes that'll be ready in just 15 minutes! 

1. Bihari-Style Egg Pouch

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This recipe originates from Bihar and is full of flavours that melt in your mouth! It's a popular street-style meal loaded with veggies and masalas.

A popular preparation, it can be found at roadside stalls or highway dhabas. This is one of the best ways to use eggs and give them a yummy twist.

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2. Masala Anda Bhurji

3. Cheese Egg Toast

Egg toast is a delicious omelette on a toasted flatbread. With the addition of cheese, this toast is irresistible. You can make this in just 5 minutes.

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This nutritious egg muffin recipe is a quick grab-and-go choice for busy mornings. It's packed with healthy and fresh veggies, lean meat, and spices of your choice.

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4. Egg Muffin

5. Palak Omelette

All you need for this palak omelette dish are onions, blanched spinach and eggs. We haven't used many spices here to offer you a mild taste in the morning. 

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6. Egg Paratha

This is one combination that will never fail to satisfy! Stuffed with eggs, chillies, onion, and garam masala, this one is likely to become a favourite.

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7. Poached Microwave Eggs

Did you know that you can speed up the process of making poached eggs with a microwave? In just a few minutes, you'll have flawlessly poached eggs.

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