7 Restaurants That Created Buzz In 2021

Image Credit: Unsplash

Image Credit: Unsplash

The restaurant industry made a huge comeback in 2021 after a brief hiatus in 2020. Here are new restaurants that made news and some old ones that created a stir globally.

1. SONA 

Actor Priyanka Chopra launched SONA, an Indian restaurant, in the heart of New York. The restaurant showcases “timeless India” through the food and ambience.

Image: Instagram.com/@sonanewyork.

2. Mom's Spaghetti

Image: Instagram.com/@momsspaghettidetroit.

American rapper Eminem opened Mom's Spaghetti in Detroit. He made news when he took orders and served guests himself on the opening night.

3. Nusr-Et

Popular Turkish chef Nusret Gokce a.k.a Salt Bae opened Nusr-Et restaurant in London. The exorbitant prices at the restaurant left the internet in shock.

Image: Instagram.com/@nusr_et

4. Chaopraya Antique Café

This Bangkok eatery offered a unique dining experience in a flood-hit area. Guests sat on drenched chairs even as water surged in.

Image: Instagram.com/@chaoprayaantiquecafe

5. Koi Pond Cafe

Image: Facebook/Sweet Fish's Cafe

The eatery has the strange concept of dining with feet inside a fish tank, and various medium-sized colourful fish inside the water.

6. Noma

Image: Instagram.com/@nomacph

The famous Copenhagen restaurant grabbed the no.1 spot in the list of the ‘World's 50 best restaurants for 2021'. It has won the award four times in the past.

7. O'Pao

The restaurant in Dubai launched "world's first" 22k gold Vada Pav. The vada is covered with 22 karat gold edible leaf and comes at almost INR 2000.

Image: Instagram.com/@opaodxb

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