7 Viral Food Trends Of 2020 We Loved

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Image Credit: Getty 

The year 2020 gave us ample time to acknowledge the chef in us.  Thankfully, the internet never ran out of cool, crazy and yummy ideas. Here are 9 food trends that won us over.

Dalgona Coffee

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The Korean trend of topping a glass of milk with a foamy mix of coffee and milk got the whole world whipping their coffee for that perfect consistency. 

Banana Bread

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We saw a lot of baking trends too. The easy-peasy banana bread became a sensation, especially among those new to baking. 

Pancake Cereal

Image Credit: Instagram/Fooding You

A bunch of bite-sized pancakes with maple syrup or chocolate syrup drizzled over, this pretty brekkie also created ripples on social media. 

Mug Recipes

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Simple, quick and fuss-free, mug recipes were a hit for those odd-time cravings. Cake, pasta, pizza, what all did we not make with just a mug and microwave. 

Frog Bread

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Hyperreal breads resembling frogs raided our Instagram feed this year, and we don't have much to complain about. 

Focaccia Art

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Bellpeppers,  olives, oregano and thyme found way on focaccia breads as colourful flowers, petals and leaves, in this artsy trend. 


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This sweet braided cake from Israel and Ukraine also found immense popularity among passionate bakers. 

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