Chocolate Ladoo
Ganesh Chaturthi

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Ladoo: A Festive Favourite

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Ladoo is a round-shaped Indian sweet that can easily be made for any festival. Give your traditional ladoos a modern twist with this easy chocolate ladoo recipe.

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This quick, no-cook ladoo recipe uses simple ingredients like cocoa powder, milk powder, sugar powder and vanilla essence, and can be made in less than 30 minutes.

Chocolate Ladoo Recipe


3 tbsp Cocoa Powder
4 tbsp Sugar Powder
6 tbsp Milk Powder
4 tbsp Butter
2 tsp Milk
Half tsp Vanilla Essence

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Mix all the dry ingredients together - cocoa powder, milk powder and powdered sugar.

Step 1

Add the wet ingredients of butter, some milk and vanilla essence.

Step 2

Mix everything well.

Step 3

Shape the mixture into round balls.

Step 4

Refrigerate the ladoos for half an hour or more to let them set.

Step 5

Roll the ladoos in crushed pistachios. You can use any other dry fruit of your choice to decorate the ladoo.

Step 6


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