Spicy Chicken Pasta Recipe 

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Main Ingredients

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1/2 cup Penne Pasta 
1/2 cup Boiled Chicken
2 tbsp Carrots & Beans
1 tsp Garlic & Celery  

Spices & Condiments 

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1 cup Water
 1.5 tsp Olive Oil
 2 tsp Chicken Stock Powder
  Cheese, grated
1 tbsp Cream

Spices & Condiments 

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2 cubes Butter
 2 tsp Black Pepper & Salt
1 tsp Chilli Flakes  

Step 1

Pour water in a pan. Add salt, olive oil and penne pasta. Bring it to boil. 

Step 2

Heat butter in a pan and add boiled chicken. Sprinkle salt and black pepper. Let it cook.   

Step 3

Mix olive oil and garlic with the chicken and add celery to the mixture.

Step 4

Add chilli flakes and black pepper. Mix grated carrots, chopped beans and some chicken stock.  

Step 5

Mix 1/2 cup pasta water from step 1 and one tablespoon cream to make the broth.

Step 6

Add boiled pasta, and top it with some shredded cheese. Serve hot. 

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