Ramadan 2022:
7 Best Iftar Snack Recipes 

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 The holy month of Ramadan is here. Along with it the festivities and fasting, it is also known for the delicious foods that are a part of the Iftar feast. 

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If you have friends and family coming over and you wish to create the same Iftar experience for them, here are the 7 best Iftar Snack Recipes that you can make at home. 

1. Boti Kebabs

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Marinated mutton pieces which can either be baked or grilled on a barbeque. These boti kebabs are a great snack option. 

2. Haleem Ke Kebab

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Give your taste buds a treat with these tender and succulent meat and dal kebabs. 

Make this ultimate snack from scratch. Dough pockets stuffed with keema masala mixture, fried golden and served with a refreshing hung curd dip. 

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3. Keema Samosa with Yoghurt Dip

4. Chicken Shawarma

Shawarma is vastly popular across the globe. Chicken is baked in a yogurt marinade, rolled up in thin flatbread and served with different dips. 

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Make this quick and easy snack at home which is low on oil and also has the added crunch of peanuts. 

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5. Namkeen Seviyaan

6. Mutton Taka Tak Lahori Style

Lahore style stir fry of mutton, sweet bread and kidney in assorted spices, served with mint chutney. 

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Fried mutton leg served with roasted potatoes and fresh steamed vegetables. This zesty mutton dish is a must try for all meat lovers. 

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7. Bhuni Raan

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