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Pashmak रेसिपी (Pashmak Recipe)

How to make Pashmak

Pashmak Recipe

Pashmak is a traditional sweet that is commonly known as "Iranian cotton candy.” However, it is so much more than that – Pashmak has a wispy, thread-like consistency and subtle flavours. It is often added on top of other desserts as an exquisite garnish. While candy floss requires a special spinning drum, it is possible to make pashmak without any fancy equipment. Here’s how you can create this mouth-watering sweet right in your own kitchen.

  • कुल समय 25 मिनट
  • तैयारी का समय 10 मिनट
  • पकने का समय 15 मिनट
  • आसान

Pashmak की सामग्री

  • 1 sugar
  • 1/2 लीटर water
  • 200 ग्राम white flour
  • 1/3 टेबल स्पून vinegar
  • 4 टेबल स्पून oil
  • 1 टी स्पून flavour extract of choice
  • 2 drops of pink food colouring or any other of choice
  • Food colouring of choice
  • Pistachios/ Saffron for garnish

Pashmak बनाने की वि​धि

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Begin by dissolving the sugar in the water. Place this syrup over the heat and add the vinegar once the water has started boiling. Continue stirring and let the mixture thicken.
Grease and keep a tray ready beside you. Once the mixture is thick enough, pour it onto the tray and allow it to cool.
Once the mixture has sufficiently cooled, begin kneading it.
In a pan, add the flour to the oil and delicately stir-fry it. You can also add small quantities of food colouring and/or flavour extracts into the pan.
Add the flour mixture to a tray and then place the sugar mixture on it. Drag and roll the dough in the form of the number 8 (or the infinity sign). This makes it easier to knead and get thread-like shapes.
Continue pulling and kneading the dough in this manner till you achieve the desired consistency.
Your pashmak is ready. You can garnish it with saffron and pistachios for added flavour. You can also add it on top of your ice cream and cakes as a decorative element.
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