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  • How To Make Jodhpuri-Style Aloo Pyaaz Kachori For Tea Time

    While there are plenty of kachori recipes to try out, nothing can beat the combination of aloo and pyaaz with aromatic spices.

  • Mulligatawny Soup: Is It India's First Soup? What Is It Made Of?

    Soups were probably not a thing in 18th Century cuisine. There are quite a few legends about the mulligatawny soup. Read on to know more.

  • 5 Important Tips To Use Microwave Safely

    U.S Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) shares a few key safety tips to handle a microwave at home. These tips can help prevent mishaps and let you enjoy the benefits of this ...

  • Weight Loss: How To Make Barley Soup To Lose Weight

    Barley is commonly used to make beer and bread and often works as a healthy rice alternative. Here, we bring you one such soup recipe that can be a great option to ...

  • How To Make Quick And Easy Cucumber And Peanut Salad For Weight Loss

    Cucumber and peanut salad is an excellent recipe for weight loss. This quick and easy cucumber and peanut salad is an excellent addition to your weight loss diet that you can snack ...

  • Cooking Tips: 5 Interesting Ways To Cook With Shalgam

    Shalgam Recipes: From gobhi shalgam ka achaar to fried turnip cake with vegetables, there are several ways in which this root vegetable can be savoured.

  • Weekend Special: How To Make Amritsari Paneer Tikka In Just 30 Mins

    Amritsari Paneer Tikka Recipe: Paneer cubes are marinated in a blend of flavourful masalas and shallow-fried until golden and crispy. This paneer tikka recipe is ideal for weekend indulgence.

  • Struggling With Belly Fat? Try This Turmeric Mint Tea To Lose Weight

    Experts recommend having herbal teas as they have fat-burning properties and can also help increase your metabolism.

  • Kitchen Tips: The Most Effective Way To Keep Mushrooms Fresh For Longer

    This simple tip to store mushrooms can extend their life by a week. Try it to believe it.

  • Weight Loss Diet: How To Make Lauki Idli To Shed Extra Kilos

    A plate of idli is a complete meal in itself as it is rich in protein and fibre and helps you keep full for a longer period of time.

  • Bombay Aloo Recipe: Now You Can Enjoy Yummy Weekday Meal With This Spicy Dish

    Did you know, the name Bombay aloo finds its origin in the British era? Read on to know more about this interesting dish.

  • Chana Dal Vada, Gobhi Dal Vada And More: 5 Quick And Easy Dal Vadas You Must Try

    Vada is a popular choice when it comes to snacking. Considering our love for vadas, here we bring you a list of quick and easy dal vada recipes that you should definitely ...

  • Watch: This Kitchen Hack May Help Prolong The Shelf Life Of Garlic

    Kitchen Tips: Storing garlic at home can be a real challenge. Here are some ways in which you can store garlic to make them last longer.

  • Go Desi This Weekend With Grilled Aloo Sandwich - Recipe Inside

    Grilled Aloo Sandwich Recipe: Grilled Aloo Sandwich Recipe: This weekend, we bring a special aloo sandwich recipe that is spicy, buttery and grilled to perfection.

  • Weekend Cooking: Chocolate Salami - Quick & Easy Chocolate Dessert

    Chocolate salami is the easiest chocolate dessert to make at home. It's quick and easy, and you won't be able to stop at just one slice. Make ahead and savour it the ...

  • How To Make Shahi Matar Makhana Curry - Step By Step Recipe Inside

    This wholesome curry is made with the goodness of green peas, makhanas and a bunch of flavourful spices.

  • Make This Lip-Smacking Chilli Cheese Naan For An Indulgent Weekend Meal

    Chilli Cheese Naan Recipe: If you're someone who loves cheese, you'll surely love this naan! It is soft, fluffy and all things delicious!

  • Weekend Special: How To Make Crisp Moong Dal Puri With Dhaba-Style Aloo Sabzi

    This crisp moong dal puri paired with dhaba-style aloo sabzi makes for the ideal weekend indulgence.

  • How To Make Moti Biryani For A Royal Weekend Feast

    This style of chicken biryani is the outcome of the inventive wit and foresight of the fifth monarch of Oudh, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah.

  • Looking For A Perfect Weekend Dish? Here's Mutton Madras Curry To Amp Up Your Meal

    This special muton curry is hot, spicy and prepared with a thick red-coloured sauce. You can prepare this delicious curry for an elaborate brunch or dinner meal.

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