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  • Wait, What? Woman Bakes Golgappa Cake On Husband's Birthday

    This golgappa cake was covered in buttercream and decorated with a layer of salty sev. Would you want to try?

  • Viral: Man Attempts To Add Tadka To Dish; What Happens Next Will Leave You In Splits

    In the video, a person takes a seasoned approach to tadka, and the result is a surprising twist. Watch the video below:

  • Anand Mahindra Found New Egg Recipe For His Breakfast Collection. Hint: It's A Korean Delicacy

    Anand Mahinda revealed his "skills as a chef are limited" but he was "heading to the kitchen" to try this new egg recipe.

  • "Comic Bhookh Story!": Amul Gives A Shout-Out To The Archies In A Creative Topical

    One of the illustrations that appears quite similar to Agastya Nanda's character Archie Andrews can be seen with a guitar in his hand.

  • Watch: Delhi's Bhelpuri Wala Goes Viral For His 'Infectious' Humour

    This vendor sets up shop in Delhi's North Campus, serving up bhelpuris with his special chutneys, priced at just Rs 60 a plate. 

  • Viral Video: Man Makes Unique 'Pasta Bowl', Foodies Are Not Impressed

    A video that has been doing the rounds on the internet shows a man making a unique 'pasta bowl'. The base of the bowl is made with bread.

  • Viral Now: New York Restaurant Introduces "Gulab Jamun Latte," Internet Curious

    The official Instagram page of Kolkata Chai Co. has shared a video and photos that show how the new drink looks. Here's how people reacted.

  • Watch: X User Finds Only Two Chips In Lay's Packet, Internet Reacts

    A video posted on X shows a man opening a packet of Lay's to find only two chips inside. Read to know how people reacted.

  • 10 Moments Of Pride For Indian Cuisine And Indian Chefs In 2023

    As 2023 comes to an end, we round up some of the key instances when Indian cuisine received recognition on the world stage this year.

  • X User Accuses Train Staff Of Overcharging For Veg Thali, Railways Responds

    In a recent X post, a woman shared her experience onboard a Delhi-bound train. She claimed that the staff tried to charge her more than the actual cost.

  • "Any Day, Any Time" - Mira Kapoor Reveals Her Go-To Food And Drink Combo

    While Mira Kapoor loves trying foods from different cuisines, she always finds her way back to the flavours of India.

  • Watch: Bradley Cooper Serves Up Philly Cheesesteaks From Food Truck In NYC

    Bradley Cooper greeted viewers with a smile, saying, "Good afternoon, Brad heads! Come on down, get a cheesesteak!" Watch the full video inside.

  • Viral Now: Snow Globe Cocktail Wows Internet - How To Make It At Home

    All you need is a freezer-safe glass, a sprig of rosemary, and your choice of a clear cocktail, sparkling water or any clear mocktail. 

  • Farah Khan Is Missing Sarson Ka Saag And Makki Ki Roti After Returning From Amritsar

    Farah Khan recently returned from Amritsar and revealed her craving for this classic dish. Take a look at her post below:

  • Vlogger Tries "Most Expensive Cakes" - You Won't Believe The Ingredients!

    The content creator in the viral video also shared that the cakes are only supposed to be eaten with a 78K pure gold carat fork.

  • What Is Kriti Sanon's Favourite Food? Hint: It's A Popular North Indian Dish

    Kriti Sanon gave us a sneak peek of her latest indulgence on Instagram Stories. Find out what the actress had!

  • This Patra Dhokla Fusion Is "Made For Each Other," Declare Foodies

    This 2-in-1 Indian snack seems to have impressed the internet. Watch the recipe video inside.

  • Bhagyashree Shares Delicious Moments From Her Snack Escapades

    Bhagyashree shared some drool-worthy pictures of her meals on Instagram stories.

  • Even Though Her "Dentist May Not Approve", Kajol Gorges On Cotton Candy Because...

    Want to celebrate Cotton Candy Day like Kajol at home? Well, allow us to help you with some recipes.

  • Woman Makes Halwa With Parle-G And Little Hearts Biscuits, Internet Calls It "Poison"

    A video of the making of this bizarre halwa has caught the attention of people on the internet. Read on to find out how everyone reacted.

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