Weight Loss

  • Winter Weight Loss Tip: Swap Your Regular Roti for Makki Ki Roti - Here's How

    With reduced physical activity compared to the summer months, it becomes essential to make mindful dietary choices to maintain a healthy weight. Instead of indulging in calorie-laden parathas and puris, consider incorporating ...

  • 7 Winter Veggie Recipes that Whisper 'Weight Loss' and Scream 'Delicious'

    Say goodbye to bland diets and hello to these scrumptious, weight-loss-friendly recipes. Winter has never tasted this good.

  • 5 Desi Ways To Include Methi Seeds In Your Weight Loss Diet

    Methi seeds for weight loss: Have you looking for ways to seamlessly add fenugreek seeds in your Indian diet? If yes, then your search ends here. We found some deasi ways to ...

  • 7 Winter Weight Loss Recipes With Sweet Potatoes You Must Try

    Sweet potatoes can be used to make a variety of weight-loss-friendly dishes. We bring you our top recipes to add to your winter diet.

  • Belly Fat, Be Gone! Try This DIY Tulsi-Ginger Detox Drink To Lose Extra Kilos

    In this article, we'll share a recipe featuring Tulsi, ginger, and honey that may help you bid adieu to your love handles.

  • Winter Diet: 6 Ways Soya Saag Can Amp Up Your Immunity And Weight Loss Goals

    The winter season heralds an array of delectable vegetables, among them being the noteworthy soya greens, renowned for their distinctive taste and health advantages.

  • Is Bulletproof Coffee A Super Drink For Weight Loss? Pros And Cons You Need To Know

    Bulletproof Coffee, a popular beverage in the world of weight loss and wellness, is more than just a trendy concoction. Find out everything about it here.

  • 5 Delicious Winter Saag Recipes Perfect for Your Weight Loss Diet

    Feeling the winter chill? It's that time of the year when our taste buds crave comforting, soul-warming dishes.

  • 5 Smart Changes To Make In Your Diet Chart For Weight Loss After 30

    Diet Chart For Weight Loss: Our metabolism naturally slows down after our 30s, which is why it's essential to follow a proper diet chart for weight loss.

  • 8 Protein-Rich Foods That May Sabotage Your Weight Loss Diet

    High-protein foods align a weight-loss diet with our fitness goals. But those foods should be healthy sources of protein.

  • Just 8 Food Swaps In Your PCOD Diet Can Help You Lose Weight Faster

    Weight loss made easy with PCOD: it's important to do some healthy food swaps in your weight loss diet.

  • "Lose 5 Kgs In 9 Days Of Navratri Fasting" - Nutritionist Shares 9-Day Weight Loss Diet Plan

    Lose weight while fasting. The nutritionist shared a diet plan for weight loss that you can easily follow during the Navratri festival.

  • 5 Smart Strategies To Plan A Healthy Food Chart And Lose Weight

    Weight Loss Diet Chart:: We got you a list of the essential nutrients that you must add to your diet for weight loss. Read on.

  • Is Honey Better Than Sugar For Weight Loss In Diabetes Diet? Busting Some Myths

    Honey vs sugar - we are often faced with the dilemma of which one to use in our diet. But for a diabetes diet, the expert has a strong suggestion.

  • Still Struggling To Lose Belly Fat? Ditch These Foods First!

    Belly fat is so hard to lose that we sometimes just give up. You can still achieve your weight loss goals by avoiding these foods.

  • Weight Loss With PCOS Is Possible! Check These 7 Expert Tips For Success

    PCOS weight is often difficult to lose. But with these diet tips, it will get a lot easier.

  • 5 Tasty And Healthy Uttapam Recipes To Fuel Your Weight Loss Diet

    Weight Loss Diet: Uttapam is low in calories and offers the perfect balance of health and taste. Here are some uttapam recipes that you must try:

  • Craving Ice Cream On A Weight-Loss Diet? 6 Ways To Make Your Ice Cream Healthier

    No need to say goodbye to your favourite ice cream. Follow these 6 tips and enjoy healthy and tasty ice cream.

  • Love Poha? Here's How To Have It On Weight Loss Diet

    Poha is a nutrient-rich dish even though it is made from rice. Experts share how it is good for weight loss diet too.

  • Think Digestive Biscuits Are Healthy? Think Again! Nutritionist Spills The Tea

    Are your weight loss dreams crumbling with every bite of those digestive biscuits? It's time to rethink your snack game! Try these yummy weight-loss snacks instead.

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