Weight Loss

  • Craving Chinese? You Can Have This Healthy Chilli Paneer Even On Weight Loss Diet

    This chilli paneer recipe is perfect for weight loss diet. It fulfils your appetite while helping you shed extra kilos!

  • An Apple Juice A Day Keeps The Belly Fat Away - New Study Claims

    You can actually eat your way to a flat tummy, according to a recent study. It claims that apple juice can "significantly" reduce belly fat within weeks.

  • Ginger-Coriander Water For Weight Loss: Benefits And How To Make The Drink

    Ginger-Coriander Water recipe: This drink is nutritious and makes a perfect option to add to your weight loss diet.

  • Lose Weight And Belly Fat Quickly In Winter With These Detox Drinks

    Weight loss: There are many ways to tackle weight gain in winter, and we have got the easiest solution for you - detox drinks.

  • Weight Loss Diet: How To Make Chia Seeds Tea For Weight Loss

    If you want to add something different to your weight loss diet, we've got a tea recipe for you that uses chia seeds.

  • Weight Loss Diet: 5 Herbal Teas That May Help Reduce Belly Fat

    We have compiled a list of 5 herbal teas that may help in reducing your belly fat. Besides reducing belly fat, these teas are also excellent for detoxifying the body. Take a ...

  • 5 Healthy Diets That Anyone Wanting To Lose Weight Must Try

    If you want to lose weight, you should start with the weight loss diet that is appropriate for you. We have five effective diets that are helpful and provide good results. Take ...

  • Weight Loss: 5 Quick And Easy Dosa Recipes To Add To Your Diet

    We've compiled a list of dosa recipes that are good for losing weight. These recipes are not only healthy but also delicious.

  • Weight Loss: 5 Puffed Rice (Murmura) Snacks To Pair With Your Evening Tea

    A cup of chai is never truly complete without some delicious snacks, no matter how good it may be. So, try out these snacks and make your tea-time a delicious affair.

  • Post-Christmas Weight Loss - 7 Diet Tips To Detox Your Body

    Post Christmas Weight Loss: We are helping you out with our tried and tested diet tips that are effective to lose the holiday weight and detox your body and mind.

  • Drinking This Cardamom Water May Do Wonders For Weight Loss And Detox

    Here is a perfect detox recipe that will not only flush out toxins from your body but will also aid in weight loss. It is called Cardamom Water.

  • Weight Loss Diet: 5 Snacks To Satiate Your Midnight Cravings

    If you are wondering what should you eat for midnight cravings, here we some low-calorie snacks that you must try.

  • 5 Steamed Snacks Recipes To Add To Weight Loss Diet

    We have shortlisted some steamed snacks from across the nation that can be added to this list and may work well as part of your diet plan. They are all delicious and ...

  • 5 Wholesome Bajra Recipes For A Weight-Loss-Friendly Breakfast

    Bajra contains complex carbohydrates, which take time to digest and give a feeling of satiety for a longer time. These bajra recipes are perfect for a wholesome breakfast meal.

  • 5 Low-Calorie South Indian Recipes You Can Try For Healthy Weight Loss

    It's extremely difficult to follow this advice because we've been doing exactly the opposite up until now.

  • 5 Of The Best Vegetarian Foods To Add To Your Weight Loss Diet

    It's really important to consume healthy food along with regular workouts.

  • Weight Loss: 5 Protein-Rich Chana Dal Recipes To Add To Your Diet

    While there are a variety of dals to choose from in the pantry, Bengal gram (or Chana dal) is one of the most popular and delicious dals.

  • Weight Loss Diet: 5 Healthy And Easy Recipes You Can Make With Curd

    To make it even more nutrient dense, add your favourite fruit and indulge! Here we bring you 5 yogurt recipes that are perfect to add to your weight loss diet. Take a ...

  • Weight Loss: 5 Low-Calorie French Bean Recipes To Add To Your Diet

    This unripe green vegetable is not only delicious but also very nutritious and is low in calories which may help in losing weight.

  • Weight Loss Diet: This Herbal Turmeric Tea May Help Lose Extra Kilos

    Weight Loss Diet: All detox drinks and teas have their benefits - but the one that facilitates weight loss is what we need. Here's one detox drink for you.

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