• Oops! Burping Too Often? Know The Culprits Behind It And Avoid The Embarrassment

    Burping is often harmless but always embarrassing. It's best to know what causes it.

  • Looking For Vitamin D-Rich Vegetarian Food? Here Are 5 Healthy And Tasty Indian Recipes

    Vitamin D is found naturally in several foods, but most of them are non-vegetarian. Here are 5 delicious Indian recipes that are rich in vegetarian vitamin D foods.

  • Nutritionist Shares 3 Smart Hacks To Balance An Indian Meal To Avoid Weight Gain

    According to nutritionist Apurva Agarwal, all you need to do is mindfully control the portion of each type of dish on an everyday thali. Read on.

  • Diabetes Diet: 5 Mistakes To Avoid At Breakfast If You Have Diabetes

    Breakfast is crucial for maintaining the blood sugar levels of your body. Read on to know what to avoid before kickstarting your day with food!

  • Ragi Is Good For Diabetes, But Is It Good For Thyroid Too? Nutritionist Reveals

    Ragi is a nutrient-rich grain, often advised to diabetic patients. But what about individuals dealing with thyroid? This is what the expert says:

  • 5 Essential Nutrients Every Woman From 25-45 Age Must Have: Expert Shares

    Women in India are often unaware of the essential nutrients required for maintaining their well-being. Dr Sushma Singh suggests 5 nutrients to keep in mind.

  • 11 Best Probiotic Foods To Eat For Gut Health

    Maintaining optimal gut health is crucial for your overall well-being. One way to do it right, is to include probiotics in your diet. If you are wondering which foods are rich sources ...

  • 3 Common Mistakes You May Be Making While Consuming Magnesium - Nutritionist Explains

    Consuming magnesium is essential for a healthy body, but are you doing it correctly? Read on to learn the right ways to meet your body's magnesium needs.

  • Do You Feel Bloated After Eating Dal-Chawal Every Time? Know Why

    According to Rashi Chowdhury, lentils can often be sensitive to the gut due to their lectin content. Read on for details.

  • 5 Carrot-Based Salads To Help You Lose Those Extra Kilos

    Carrots are packed with essential nutrients and fibre and can keep you full for longer periods. Plus, they taste best in salads!

  • Why Do You Feel Sick After Eating Out? Expert Shares 4 Major Reasons

    Ayurvedic and gut health expert Dr. Dimple Jangda shares the major reasons why you feel sick after eating out. Read on.

  • Got A Dental Crown? Check Out 5 Foods You Must Steer Clear Of

    There are certain foods that can affect the longevity of your dental crown and may also dislodge it. Read on to find out what these foods are.

  • Diabetes-Friendly Fruit Guide: 8 Best And Worst Fruits For Your Diet

    Wondering which fruits you should include and avoid in your diet as a diabetic patient? Find your answers in this article and take a step closer towards a healthier you.

  • What Is The Right Time To Drink Water? Ayurvedic Expert Explains

    Do you know there's a right time to drink water to make the most of it? Let's see what expert says.

  • 4 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have PCOS

    PCOS is a common condition in people who menstruate that has no cure as of yet. But simple dietary and lifestyle changes can make navigating through it easier.

  • All About Trending Atlantic Diet That May Lower Risk Of Heart Disease, Stroke And Diabetes

    The Atlantic diet has several health benefits and foods similar to the popular Mediterranean diet.

  • Eating Out? Here's How You Can Avoid Weight Gain The Next Day

    Have you been feeling bloated after eating out for many days? If yes, then fret not. We got you some nutritionist-approved ways to avoid weight gain.

  • Did Your Test Reports Show Fatty Liver? Try This Expert-Backed Natural Home Remedy

    Managing fatty liver disease requires a multifaceted approach that includes dietary modifications and lifestyle changes.

  • Millets: The Good, The Bad And The Truth About Incorporating Them Into Your Diet

    Here are the dos and don'ts of incorporating millets into your diet. From bloating to gas, discover expert tips for easing discomfort and embracing a fibre-rich diet.

  • Nutritionist Reveals One Change Virat Kohli Made In His Diet For Stronger Bones

    The crux of an alkaline diet lies in consuming foods that promote alkalinity within the body, fostering overall health and potentially warding off diseases.

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