• Is Your Milk Safe? Food Authority Reveals Easy Tests To Find Out

    Worried about what's lurking in your milk? Discover easy at-home tests to ensure your milk is pure and safe from nasty adulterants like water and urea.

  • Should You Eat Before Workout? Ayurvedic Expert Reveals Best Pre-Workout Habits

    Have you been working out but not getting the desired results? It could be because of your pre-workout habits. Read on to know Dr. Dimple Jangda's suggestion on whether or not you ...

  • Are Your Favourite Foods Making Your Brain Sad? Science Says Yes! 10 Tasty Treats You Must Drop Right Now

    Mental Health Diet Tips: A high saturated fat, high sugar diet has also been shown to impact your brain health. Check out foods that are making your mouth water but are messing ...

  • Why Is Sourdough Bread A Healthier Option Than Regular Bread? Nutritionist Explains

    Sourdough Or Regular Bread: Sourdough bread is a healthier option than regular bread. Read on to learn how it can help support a healthy gut in today's fast-paced life.

  • Is Your Gut Feeling...Off? Nutritionist Spills The Beans On 4 Gut Signs You Need To Know

    If your stomach is growling like a beast? Here's What Your Gut is Trying to Tell You. But how do you ensure that? Nutritionist Shalini Sudhakar dropped the ultimate solutions for all ...

  • What Is The Planetary Health Diet? Is It Key To A Longer, Healthier Life? Experts From Harvard Reveal

    Harvard's latest study shows this diet could cut your risk of premature death by 30%.

  • Excess Salt Intake May Affect Your Skin Health: Study; 5 Tips To Reduce Salt Intake

    The study of more than 2,15,000 people found that each additional gram of sodium excreted in urine over 24 hours was associated with 11 per cent higher odds of an eczema diagnosis.

  • Is Your Teen Struggling With Food? This Expert Explains Why Your Teen Might Have An Eating Disorder (And How To Stop It)

    Are you inspiring your teenagers to have a happy and positive relationship with food?

  • Okra Water For Diabetes: 4 Ways This Concoction May Help Manage Blood Sugar Levels

    Okra Water For Diabetes: Okra water can work wonders for your health. Here are some incredible ways it can help manage blood sugar levels.

  • Salt Dilemma: Is It Safe To Consume Refined White Salt? Nutritionist Shares

    Salt is essential in our everyday foods and daily life. But the question remains, is it healthy for you? Read on to know Nutritionist Amita Gadres's stand on this subject.

  • Benefits Of Cardamom Water: Why You Should Incorporate This Drink In Your Daily Diet

    Cardamom water benefits: Cardamom water, when consumed early in the morning on an empty stomach, can provide several benefits from digestive to oral.

  • Struggling To Stop Mindless Munching? Here's What Nutritionist Suggests To Break The Habit

    You're eating healthy but still not losing weight? This happens to everyone. Nutritionist Urvi Gohil suggests ways to fix it.

  • From Weight Loss To Diabetes Control: 6 Seeds For Each Issue

    Seeds pack a punch of nutrition. It's good to know there is a seed for almost every common health problem.

  • Are Biscuits Actually a Healthy Teatime Snack? You Won't Believe What Nutritionists Say

    Biscuits and chai are a beloved teatime combination for adults in India, but should they be a daily habit? Read on to find out what reputable nutritionist Amita Gadre (@amitagadre) has to ...

  • Indonesia Tops The Charts: The Shocking Truth About Microplastics In Your Food. Tips To Avoid It And Stay Safe

    Indonesia tops the global per capita microplastic dietary intake at 15g monthly, according to the study.

  • 5 Surprising Gut-Healing Foods That Can Be Found In Your Kitchen - Expert Reveals

    Heal your gut naturally, with a good diet. These expert suggestions might help.

  • Why Is It Important To Nourish You From Within? Expert Shares Insight On Gut Health

    At the epicentre of gut health lies the microbiome, an ecosystem of trillions of microorganisms residing in our digestive tract. Read on.

  • No Tobacco Day 2024: Quit Smoking With These 7 Foods You Already Have In Your Fridge

    No Tobacco Day 2024: Tobacco and nicotine can have adverse effects on your body. However, with certain foods, you can curb your cigarette cravings, as per Dr Swati Gupta.

  • You've Been Making Salads Wrong! These 3 Mistakes Are Ruining Your Healthy Lunch

    Salads are healthy and nutritious but only if they are made in the right way. Read on to know what mistakes Nutritionist Deepsikha Jain suggests you avoid.

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