• 5 Lesser-Known Health Benefits Of Consuming Tulsi Water Every Day

    Tulsi Water Benefits: From boosting immunity to supporting respiratory health, Tulsi water can do wonders for your health. Read on to learn how you can prepare it at home.

  • Flaunt Healthy And Shiny Hair - Here Are 5 Best And Worst Foods To Consider

    Hair Health: If you want your hair locks to be shiny and luscious, here are some foods you must incorporate and some you must avoid in your diet.

  • From Weight Loss To Skin Health: 5 Incredible Health Benefits Of Drinking Mint Water

    Mint Water Benefits: Below, we've listed some incredible benefits of mint water and how you can prepare it at home.

  • How To Follow A Plant-Based Diet For Better Health

    Eating more plant-based foods can be beneficial for your health, according to research. Read on to learn how to get started.

  • Should You Avoid Consuming Strawberry Milkshake? Nutritionist Weighs In

    As delightful as the idea of strawberries and milk sounds, the two ingredients are very different and can affect your digestive system. How? Read on to know what Dr Dimple Jangda shares.

  • Heatwave Self-Care: 5 Tips To Follow To Avoid Dehydration While Traveling For Work

    Traveling for work in the summer heat can lead to a loss of electrolytes and water from your body. But these five tips can ensure you don't get dehydrated and beat this ...

  • Craving Sugar at Night? Whip Up These Quick And Easy Energy Balls in Under 10 Minutes!

    Energy balls recipe: Try this nutritionist-approved "energy balls" recipe made with healthy and delicious ingredients, perfect to satisfy your sweet cravings in the evening.

  • Jackfruit Health Benefits: Dietician Shares How Katthal Can Prove Beneficial For Your Eyes

    Jackfruit, also known as katthal, is packed with several nutrients that can be beneficial for your eyes. Read on to learn how this seasonal fruit can improve your vision!

  • From Breakfast To Dinner: Top Medical Body ICMR Reveals New Diet Guide For Women

    ICMR dietary guidelines: A woman's body undergoes various changes throughout her life, which makes it important to understand the nutritional needs at every stage.

  • Chew Your Food 32 Times: Fact Or Myth? Here's What Experts Say

    Chewing, or mastication, helps break down the food into smaller particles, which further gets mixed with the saliva and passes to the stomach for further processing.

  • What Is The Best Way To Consume Ash Gourd? Nutritionist Weighs In

    Ash gourd is loved because of its high water content and mild flavour. But how can you make the most of it? Read on to know what Nutritionist Leema Mahajan has to ...

  • Gut Troubles? Raisin Water Could Help You Out - Find How

    Experts state that the dietary fibre and tartaric acid in raisins aid healthy digestion, reducing stomach issues and aiding overall gut health.

  • Feeling Sluggish? It Could Be Low Testosterone. Here's How To Boost It Naturally

    As you age to your late 20s and early 30s, testosterone production naturally starts to decline. But you can boost testosterone naturally.

  • Is Non-Stick Cookware Safe For Cooking? Find What Experts Say

    Non-stick is usually referred to surfaces coated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), also known as Teflon. Read on.

  • Say Goodbye To Heartburn, Bloating And Acidity Problems With These Nutritionist-Approved Home Remedies

    Digestive issues can occur at any age. However, you can easily tackle them with some home remedies. Try these nutritionist-approved "nuskhe" to smoothen your digestion.

  • How Drinking Tea Without Milk Could Benefit You, As Per Top Medical Body ICMR

    The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recently revised the dietary guidelines for Indians. Here's what you should know about tea and coffee consumption.

  • Can Ghee Help In Fat Loss? Nutritionist Busts Popular Myth

    For years, ghee has been used for its taste and health benefits. However, it might not help in shedding those extra kilos. Read on to know Nutritionist Amita Gadre's take on this.

  • Can't Digest Gluten? Here's Why You Might Need To Go Gluten-Free (And When You Don't!)

    Is gluten really bad for you? Let's dive into the science behind gluten and whether you should go gluten-free.

  • Fatty Liver Diet: Nutritionist's Guide To A Balanced Diet Plan For Liver Detoxification

    While fatty liver has multi-faceted treatments under expert's guidance, what helps speed up the process is a healthy and well-balanced diet.

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