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Blueberry Crêpes With Quick Fix Pastry Cream रेसिपी (Blueberry Crêpes With Quick Fix Pastry Cream Recipe)

Blueberry Crêpes With Quick Fix Pastry Cream

Indulge in these mouth-watering, irresistible blueberry crepes. A delightful treat for all sweet lovers!

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Blueberry Crêpes With Quick Fix Pastry Cream की सामग्री

  • For crêpes
  • 150 gms flour
  • 250 ml milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 30 gms sugar
  • 2.5 gms salt
  • 5 ml vanilla essence
  • 40 gms butter
  • 75 gms blueberry filling
  • For quick fix pastry cream
  • 250ml + 30ml milk
  • 50 gms sugar
  • 15 gms vanilla custard powder
  • 100 gms whipping cream

Blueberry Crêpes With Quick Fix Pastry Cream बनाने की वि​धि

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In a big bowl break the egg, milk, sugar, and salt, whisk gently. Now add vanilla essence. Add flour in 2 parts mixing well. The batter should be watery.
Once the batter is ready, sieve it using a fine sieve or muslin to avoid any lumps. If using immediately, melted butter can be added. If you are using the batter later, add the melted butter just before making crepes, keeping in mind the batter should be at room temp. Take a non stick pan and brush it with melted butter once the pan is hot.
Take a ladle full of batter and pour it on the pan. Spread the batter all over the pan, keep moving it in circular motion.Keep the crepes as thin as possible.

For pastry cream:

Bring the milk to a boil and add sugar Now let it simmer for a minute or two and put off the gas Meanwhile, mix 2 tbsp. milk and vanilla custard powder in a glass, make sure no lumps are formed
Use a whisk and stir the milk; pour the custard mix in a very thin stream and continue to whisk the milk.
Let it cool completely and refrigerate it for an hour . The custard needs to be made beforehand . Once the crepes are ready, beat some whipping cream; add some custard once the cream has fluffed up and mix it well.
On a plate, take a crepe, pipe some pastry cream, fold it into a triangle. Top it with some blueberry filling and enjoy.
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