'Cheeni Reh Gayi', Says Internet After Watching Coffee Maggi Being Made At A Street Stall


A recent video circulating on the internet demonstrates the preparation of a bizarre dish called 'Coffee Maggi.' Check it out below:

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'Cheeni Reh Gayi', Says Internet After Watching Coffee Maggi Being Made At A Street Stall
Coffee Maggi: Internet users were not impressed with the street vendor's creativity.


  • Maggi is often the subject of many food experimentation videos.
  • The latest odd experiment is Maggi made with coffee.
  • Take a look at how internet users reacted to the video.

When it comes to quelling our evening hunger pangs in an instant, we often turn to a packet of Maggi. This instant noodle dish has always been our go-to solution for a quick snack that requires minimal effort. However, this popularity has led to Maggi being subjected to various bizarre food experiments. Adding to the long list of unconventional Maggi recipes, the internet has discovered 'Coffee Maggi'. Yes, you read that correctly. If the name surprises you, wait until you see the clip. In this version, the vendor prepares the dish in milk instead of water. An Instagram food page has shared a video of a roadside vendor claiming that this is the first time in Indian history that someone has made this unique dish.
The video starts with the vendor boiling milk. He then adds a packet of crushed Maggi to it. Next, he includes chopped tomatoes, capsicum, and onions, and sprinkles Maggi masala on top. After thoroughly mixing the ingredients, he adds a spoonful of coffee powder. The experimentation doesn't end there. The video also depicts him sprinkling haldi over the mixture. Once the dish has absorbed the milk completely and the noodles are thoroughly cooked, he serves it to the person. After observing the cooking process, he appears hesitant to taste the dish. In the clip, the user can be heard asking the vendor to taste it first and adds that if nothing happens to him, then he would also try it. The clip concludes with the user tasting it and surprisingly enjoying the dish. He can be heard saying, “Bhai damdaar hai. Shabd nahi rahe. [Brother, it tastes excellent. I am speechless].”

Take a look:

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However, the internet simply rejected the dish. Some joked that this is the outcome when a customer can't afford Maggi along with cold coffee. One comment read, “When you can't afford both Maggi and cold coffee together, just mix them because mummy ne paise sirf Maggi ke diye the. [Because mummy only gave money for Maggi].” Some wondered why only Maggi falls prey to such experiments. One user commented, “Maggi ko hi kyun hamesha bali chadate hai?” Another commented, “Hamesha Maggi ke saath hi aise experiments kyun hote hai?” “Chini reh gayi.[You forgot sugar],” joked another user.

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